VASBA 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Meet some of our VASBA Scholarship recipients! Learn more about their paths of study, connections to the community and next steps towards their future in STEM.

Monica Gurung

Monica is a student at Thomas Nelson Community College and writes:
"I am the recipient of Virginia Aerospace Business Association scholarship 2018-19. I wanted to thank you all for supporting me on my journey to get a college degree. As a college student who works full time as a metrology intern and works a part-time job as well so that she can graduate debt free, your scholarship provided me with the much-needed financial assistance. But decreasing my financial burden isn't the only thing that VASBA did for me. Your scholarship made me realize that my hard work is valued. It encouraged me to work harder to achieve my dreams. Now, as an engineering student who is graduating this semester from Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC), I have more faith in myself than I ever did."

Mariah Simmons

Mariah is a student at Virginia State University and writes:
"I chose to major in Computer Science because I developed a love for technology at a young age. As mobile devices progressed, I became fascinated in the applications and games that were available in the App Store on my iPhone. When I researched how apps were developed, I learned about various programming languages that are used to create applications and other programs. When I looked further into, I noticed that almost everything we use uses coding and programming to be able to function. Ever since that day, I have been determined to learn programming languages in the hopes of one day creating my own application."

Josie Diaz

Josie is a student at Virginia State University and writes:
"I chose Computer Science because it appealed to me in a way where I can literally apply everything I know. What I have learned about CS, and continue to learn, is that a program can be made for almost virtually anything and everything. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed learning, but I always questioned what I can do with the knowledge that I acquire. In my field, you can create useful programs for people in their professions and businesses, create databases and software that can organize records, and even create 3D software that helps people envision their designs and data like with architectural designs and medical data. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed video games, I want to grow up to be able to create video games, and even go beyond that, if it catches my interest."